Thursday, September 27, 2007

The Appliance Anointing!

I believe I may have unprecedented favor in a certain area. I have the appliance anointing. Today I was given money for a brand new dishwasher. It is installed and beautiful. I came home from the children's church meeting and heard it softly purring as it scrubbed all my dirtiest dishes. Billy was so sweet to load it.

I began to think back and here is what I realized.

* 3.5 years ago - I was given a wonderful refrigerator and microwave. I still have them and they are great.

*3.5 years ago - I was given a used but very nice washer and dryer.

*1.5 years ago - I was given a cute red coffee maker - I still use it every Tues. & Thurs.

* 60 days ago - I was bought a awesome brand new front loading washer and dryer after previously mentioned washer died.

*Today - Brand new dishwasher.

This is almost unheard of. It is the favor and blessing of God. I have never, in 11 years of marriage, had to buy a major appliance. God is Good!

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Too Busy?

Saturday morning I was up rather early doing laundry. I glanced out the window of my laundry room and saw a beautiful sunrise. I dismissed it quickly and went back to folding the never-ending pile of laundry my four offsprings produce. I paused and thought to myself, "Are you really too busy to see God's beautiful creation?" So I abandoned the laundry, grabbed my camera and went out to snap a few shots. The temperature was perfect. Birds chirped, squirrels frolicked, a light morning dew rested on the grass. It was beautiful. So this picture is my salute to taking the time to see the sun rise.

Friday, September 21, 2007


Yesterday Blaise managed to get on top of a small nightstand in the girls room. Somehow she fell off of it and knocked it over. It landed on her foot and broke the knob off. It immediately bruised her ankle and she cried a lot. I picked her up and brought her into the living room to console her. We were sitting on the couch when Paige walked in. This is how the conversation went.

(Paige in tears)
Paige: Mom, it is my fault Blaise got hurt.
Me: How is that?
Paige: Well, Blaise saw me sitting on the night stand and she always wants to do what I do.
I walked out of the room and I should have stayed to watch over her. I take responsibility for her getting hurt.
Me: Well Paige, I am glad you told me, and I forgive you.
(Paige exits tremulously smiling, promising to go and watch over her sister.)

This kid is something else.

Saturday, September 8, 2007

Better late than never!

So, obviously - vacation is over. I just wanted to post a few of my pictures.

This one is Elliott taking pictures of John, I just loved the sun behind him though.

These are Blaise's first footprints in the sand!

Blaise LOVED the beach!

I just loved this one.

Since Pam gave you all the info, I could be purly artistic. I am just sad I didn't take more pictures.

Saturday, September 1, 2007


The other day I lost Blaise . . . this is where I found her. Just hanging out in the dryer. Warm clothes and a small opening, she thought it looked perfect.