Monday, January 21, 2008

Life Groups!!

This semester Billy and I are going to have a life group. We have no idea who will come, but we are excited. I may have to get advice from some of you seasoned life group leaders. Billy and I have led one before, but it has been a while. So anyway, pray for us. And spread the word around.

Sunday, January 13, 2008

How smart are you?

Hey guys, do this test. Remember, you only have 8 seconds, so it goes really fast. Post your score in my comments. And no cheating!!

Wednesday, January 9, 2008

This season -

As you can see I have update my blog. Every day. I am embracing this way of life. The last few months I have felt like I was perpetually waiting. Waiting for the house, waiting for ministry opportunities, waiting for a baby. I felt like my life was on hold and I was waiting for the real life to start. I started to look forward to when I am not pregnant anymore, and then I lose this time of wonder. I started to look forward to the time when my kids are older and I have more freedom, then I lose this time when they are so precious and need me so dearly. I started to look forward to the time that I would get to minister on a larger level, then I miss the everyday chances to do so. This type of thinking has kept me from embracing right now. This causes my heart sorrow. I have repented.

So, I have determined that every day I will embrace what is before me. If that is only taking and picking the kids up from school and making breakfast burritos, that is okay. If it is getting in the floor and letting my two babies climb all over me, even better. Because the truth is, what I am doing and building right now may seem small, but is huge in the big picture. This season of being a mom and wife is not minimal. So, whatever it is, I want to do it to the fullest. I am tired of regret from looking back. And it is too hard to look so far in the future that you don't see the present. The timing of the Lord is perfect. I will live today and let God handle tomorrow.

Monday, January 7, 2008

The rest of the declaration -

(This is the second half to the "Jobs and better jobs" declaration)

We are believing you for:

Heaven opened, Earth invaded
Storehouses unlocked, and Miracles created
Dreams and Visions, Angelic Visitations
Declarations and Divine Manifestations
Anointing, Gifting and Calls
Positions and Promotions
Provision and Resources
to go the Nations
Souls and more souls
From every generation
Saved and set free
Carrying Kingdom Revelation

Thank you, Father, that as I join my value system to Yours, You will shower Favor, Blessing and Increase upon me so I have more than enough to co-labor with Heaven and see Jesus get His full reward.


Friday, January 4, 2008

Another reason I LOVE H-E-B!

Wednesday I did something I don't like to do. I took all four of my kids grocery shopping with me. Silly, yes I know, but we really needed food. So, I had a plan. I rented a little car/basket for the babies to ride in, that Paige would push. And I pushed the big basket. This plan started out a success. The babies were entertained for about 12.5 minutes. Then the wanted out, or fought with each other, or sank down into the dirty floorboard and got stuck, or tried to climb out the front of the car while it was in motion. So I opened a box of fruit snacks and kept a steady stream going to keep them happy. And we shopped and shopped and shopped. Took two different bathroom breaks. And shopped some more. At this time we had been there a little over 2 hours. Both baskets were full and I was tired and the little girls were fussy. At the last bathroom break Paige and Avery were in the restroom and Blaise was really crying. She wanted me to hold her and she kept saying Night-Night. She was tired and not feeling good. (I found out yesterday she had an ear infection) So I was trying to hold and console her over my ever-growing belly. And then it happened.

**The heavens open and the hallelujah chorus plays**
A worker says to me, "Why don't you let me push your basket to the check out so you can hold your baby?"
I agree and we start the procession to the front. Me carrying Blaise, followed by a prancing Avery and Bailey, followed by Paige with a basket bigger than her, followed by the most wonderful HEB worker ever pushing another full basket. Then beautiful HEB worker says something to another equally beautiful HEB worker and they open a lane just for me. All other lanes were about 3 people deep. Then second beautiful HEB worker gets a third beautiful worker who then proceeds to unload all of my groceries onto the conveyor belt. And at last gets a fourth equally beautiful worker to carry out my groceries and arrange them, with the bread on top, in the back of my SUV. I left thanking God for his favor and praying he would bless all those wonderful women who helped a tired pregnant women with four children.
This is just another reason I love HEB.

Wednesday, January 2, 2008

The New Year!!

2008. A new year, another chance. There are a lot of things I want to do and be in 2008. Some I didn't accomplish in 2007. Some of them, I did not experience to the fullest. Billy and I went to dinner alone (yay!!) the other day and we talked about a lot of things. Here are some things we want to do in 2008.

Billy -
Pursue God more passionately than before
Pursue me more passionately than before
Be excellent with our finances

Francesca -
Pursue God more passionately than before (especially the word of God)
Invest more in my marriage
Loose weight (yes loose, not lose)

I came to this conclusion. The things I want the most out of, I am going to invest the most in. Relationships, health, the Bible. Why have I expected large dividends in places I have not made investments. So, I want an amazing marriage (it isn't bad, I just want glorious) I am going to invest. Deeper friendships, invest. Health, invest.

Where are you going to invest this year?