Thursday, February 28, 2008

Maddie Jane Hafner

That is the name. Madeline Jane Hafner. And NO, we will not be calling her MJ. I think Maddie Jane is pretty cute. I knew there were some of you out there that were having trouble concentrating on anything, not knowing the middle name and all. I just wanted to end the agony. Proceed people with your normal lives. No longer must you stare at the computer screen waiting for an updated blog from me. I have spoken.

Well, obviously I am just kidding. You probably haven't given it a second thought. I just thought I would share.

I finally finished all the BFW talks. Hallelujah!!! I didn't know what a big project that was going to be. I loved every minute of it. I am just glad I got it all finished. I emailed the last one and now I have 76 minutes to rest before I have to start preparing for the Rev 5:8 conference.

I am 34 weeks pregnant. Only six weeks left. I want to finish with some shred of dignity. I know if I allow myself I will end this pregnancy a pathetic pile of whining crying mess. I go to the Dr. on Monday. I am a little afraid. I was so excited about only gaining 1 pound last month. I think I celebrated a little too much, with too much cake. I had only gained 12 pounds up until then. We'll have to see what the scale holds for me next week. I really don't care that much.

Please pray for us. We are still waiting on some info about the house. Also, with the baby coming, paying for baby stuff and hospital stuff and Vasectomy stuff and wanting to move in the next month or so, we could use some favor from heaven (in the form of money). I don't want to be moved by circumstances, though, God has all I need. But I would love your prayers.

Monday, February 25, 2008

Well it has been awhile. There have been a few things going on.

Billy had his "V" consultation. It was pretty quick. But I will say it was a little awkward when they told him to drop his pants. I guess that is how men feel when the go to the ob/gyn with their wives. It is just kinda weird. His appointment for the actual procedure isn't until March 28. I am not sure how he feels about me revealing this. But I am just so excited (that is kinda creepy, huh)

The house situation is moving along. We have had some very good news. We are waiting for one more thing to fall into place before we can take the next step. But I really think this is the one. I am really hopeful. I will let you know something when we know something.

Mom is leaving in the morning for Bethel's Prophetic Arts Conference. She is pumped (not sure she would use this word) Pray for safe travel and increased anointing. I am also praying she will make some connections for her future.

I have another Dr. appointment on next Monday. Then I start going every two weeks. Only about 7 weeks left til little Madeline gets here.

Our life group has been going well. I think God is blessing it. I pray soon we will have more room for more people.

Took Bailey to the DR. today. She has been diagnosed with the flu. Pray no one else in our family gets it.

That is all I can muster for now. Hopefully more later. Peace.

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Valentine's Day!

I had a terrific Valentine's day. Good friends, good food, good movie. Billy gave me a beautiful plant and a sweet card and a CD I have wanted forever. Bryan Adams Greatest Hits. Now this has all the greats: Summer of '69, Everything I Do, Please Forgive Me, and many more. I absolutely love it. He even bought Mom something, too. He was very sweet and thoughtful. How was your Valentine's Day?

Oh, by the way, I have decided on the name Madeline. Still thinking of a middle name.

P.S. Is anyone else having trouble with blogger? I can no longer spellcheck (something Pam will tell you I am in desperate need of) I can't add a picture or anything. The toolbar is gone. What is the deal?

It's the final countdown!!

I went to the doctor yesterday. As most of you already know, I am having another girl. Now, contrary to the last post like this, I was not at all upset by this news. Actually, I went into this appointment expecting a girl. So I was not surprised. In other good news, the baby looked perfect. She was right at 4 pounds. And best of all . . . I only gained 1 pound this month. Yay!! I go back in three weeks and then every two after that. I reminded Dr. Anderson that I didn't want to be induced. So I am praying I go into labor at the perfect time, not over my due date. God must have a very special plan for these five girls. I am not even disappointed, even though there are those of you holding out to see the "taco" before you believe it. You know who you are.

In other news, Billy has his consultation for his "V" on Feb, 21st. So this is, indeed, the last Hafner baby.

So this is the newest news about Hafner Baby number 5. Now... I only have to think of a name.

Friday, February 8, 2008

Faith Like a Child!

Last night, while sitting at dinner, Bailey said she would like for us to spend some time praying for some people. So I asked her who she would like to pray for. She said there is a girl named Kristin at her school. Kristin has Celebral Palsy after difficulties at birth. She is in a wheelchair and has trouble speaking and other things. So, Bailey started to pray for her, and I was blown away by her prayer. She prayed the Krsitin could be brave at school, and prayed that the Lord would bless her. Then she said this: God I know you didn't do this to Kristin, the devil got in the way the day she was born, would you go back to that first day she was born and heal her.

I was amazed. This is why Jesus said have faith like a child. Bailey doesn't doubt God is good. She understands a concept that adults have trouble with. Because we live with disappointments and hurts, we sometimes don't fully believe that God is just only good. She understood that evil comes from the devil and good comes from God. I thought this was amazing.

Lord, help me to have faith like a child. To believe unswervingly that you are good alone. Help me to have a heart to pray Heaven for people. And also, would you go back to that first day the devil got in the way in Novemeber 2004. Heal Miles!!

Monday, February 4, 2008

Catch Up!

It has been a few weeks since my last post, so I will try to catch up.

We have indeed started a life group. It has been good. I am excited about opening our home. It is not a huge group, only about 8 in all, (not counting my kids). But I know God is going to bless it.

I am pretty dern pregnant. I have not been sleeping well. Indegestion, hip and back pain, and just the inability to find a place to fit this big belly. But I only have about 10 weeks left. And since I don't know if it is a boy or a girl I have ZERO baby stuff. Not one diaper or outfit. So, when I do find out, it will be crunch time. My appointment is next Mon. at 1:40. So just one more week until I find out. I am really pumped.

We have had some interesting developments in the house situation. We are supposed to be getting some very important info today. Please pray. This is the first official step. And with the baby coming, it couldn't come at a better time. If we don't move soon, my bath tub may be the new baby's bed and room.

My mother is going to Redding, Ca to a Prophetic Arts conference. I am so excited for her. I believe it is going to be a landmark time in her life. She is so talented, I am excited to see a wonderful gift grow even deeper.

I am still making burritos. It is not terrible, just monotnous. I will be closing the kitchen in a few weeks. If any of you are interested in taking up the burrito position, let me know.

I am doing lots of BFW and Intercessory prayer stuff. God has been showing me so many amazing things. I find so much life and faith well up within me when I am really in the word. It is one of my favorite places to be. Makes me wonder why I ever get out of it.

So anyway, that is a little catch up on what has been going on around here. I will try to post more often.