Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Post # 100!!!!!

Here are 100 things about me!!

1. I am writing a book.
2. I love anything cinnamon.
3. I leave the cabinet doors open all the time.
4. I am scared of chickens.
5. I lovelove when I get into bed after Billy is already asleep and he reaches for me and pulls me close.
6. I love to watch Billy work with his hands.
7. I can be very messy.
8. I have at least five birthmarks.
9. I love to go to the movies.
10. I hate putting laundry away.
11. I am crazy in love with my dishwasher.
12. I have never done drugs.
13. When Billy plugs in my cell phone it makes me feel taken care of.
14. I am believing for a big great house.
15. I have been married 11 years.
16. I am really a romantic at heart.
17. I love my friends.
18. Some days I may talk to Pam 7 or 8 times.
19. I have seen four babies born (other than my own)
20. I could be seriously addicted to TV.
21. I don’t really like chick flicks.
22. I want to see a creative miracle (if I had a choice, Miles)
23. I want to travel everywhere with Billy, particularly Italy
24. I used to love Dr. Quinn Medicine Woman. (Was sad when the series ended)
25. I don’t like pizza really.
26. I have been pregnant or nursing a baby almost 5 years out of the last 12 years.
27. I have a strange phobia of mail. It piles up and I get overwhelmed.
28. My dad was born in Sicily.
29. My brother Giancarlo is a marine who just got back from Iraq.
30. I am an avid reader and a poor speller.
31. I kill plants.
32. I have been to 10 of the 50 states. (Tx, La, Ms, Al, NM, Ok, Co, Ar, Az, Ca)
33. I have a hard time telling 100 things about myself.
34. My grandparents used to have a grape vineyard.
35. I have spoken, in person, to Kris Vallatton.
36. I walked away and he then forgot me immediately.
37. I had my picture taken with James Blake.
38. I walked away and he then forgot me immediately.
39. I love coconut coffee creamer.
40. I want to be thinner by the time I am 30. (Lots thinner)
41. I have an associate’s degree in Practical Ministry.
42. I am in love with my dishwasher. (It’s a little creepy)
43. I would like Daniel Oppong to sing me to sleep (get your mind out of the gutter, while Billy is holding me)
44. I like salad better when someone else makes it.
45. I miss playing basketball.
46. I love it when Billy has on jeans but no shirt (yum!!)
47. When people fall down I laugh hysterically.
48. I plan to live to 100.
49. Sometimes I want to take Billy’s cell phone and smash it with a hammer. (Enter in sinister laugh from Yzma from The Emperor’s New Groove)
50. I love to worship.
51. My love language is words of affirmation and physical touch.
52. I plan to one day see my books on shelves across the world.
53. I am blessed with the most wonderful kids in the world.
54. I like to cook, but have an aversion to the planning and cleaning up process.
55. I love all kinds of pasta.
56. I want to know the whole Bible.
57. I am watching Oprah’s Favorite Things 2007 right now.
58. I want to go to back to Mexico SOON!!!
59. Billy bought me a pair of beautiful diamond earrings that I will cherish forever.
60. Forty more things about me, really???
61. I love epic battle movies.
62. I like my steaks medium.
63. I hate bananas. (The flavor, the texture, everything)
64. I love the band Switchfoot.
65. I DO NOT listen to Air One. (Don’t tell Billy)
66. I love CSI and The Biggest Loser.
67. Sometimes when Pam talks about her garden and chickens I wonder how we are best friends.
68. I have been known to be a little pushy. (Can you believe it?)
69. My hair is naturally curly. (No, I did not get a perm, do people even do that anymore?)
70. I spend the majority of my grooming time trying to tame said crazy curls.
71. I have overcome my fear of flying.
72. I love to make Billy laugh.
73. I love Wikipedia.
74. I love my sister.
75. I pray God shows up big in Erica’s life.
76. I hate busy phones. (Who doesn’t have call waiting in this day and age?)
77. I have never given blood.
78. I will never bungee jump. (There is never anything soft at the end of that fall)
79. I was pregnant my sophomore and senior years of high school.
80. I think Billy will be sexy when he goes a little grey at the temples.
81. I love that people tell me all the time that my kids are wonderful.
82. I graduated with honors 12th in my class.
83. I used to work at the prison in Abilene. (Middleton Unit)
84. I want a snowy Christmas.
85. I want to have the house that holds all the parties.
86. I once ran out of gas in the rain and had to go into the jail in Abilene to use the phone.
87. I feel very strongly about abortion (don’t do it)
88. Billy and I quote movie lines all the time.
89. I am more in love with Billy now than ever.
90. My paternal grandmother lives in Milan, Italy.
91. My maternal great-grandfather lived until he was 102.
92. I burn the bread sometimes. (Joel says this is the trademark of a real chef)
93. Sometimes I avoid current events because they are depressing.
94. I was filled with the Holy Spirit when I was 17.
95. I lived with Kathy and Endgate for 2 years.
96. I love to curl up with a good book, a good blanket, and a good beverage.
97. I want to preach a sermon in front of our body one day.
98. Blaise makes me laugh.
99. My personality is pure D. (driving and dominant, in case any of you were unsure)
100. I never thought I would blog and here I am – 100 POSTS!!

Friday, November 16, 2007

Truth behind the story -

I feel like I need to elaborate about yesterday's post. The Dr. did indeed do a ultrasound. He was in a rush and here is how it went.

Dr. - Let's take a look.
F - (waiting breathlessly)
Dr. - Well, we may not get a clear view.
F - Oh, don't say that!
Dr. - Let's measure the leg bone.
F. - . . . .
Dr. - Well the legs are very close together, I can't see any boy parts, so I am going to say girl.
F. - (Me, surprised) really?
Dr. - We will do another ultrasound in a few months. Have a good day!

So it wasn't clear to anyone. But I felt like I couldn't just keep saying it is a boy when the trained professional who treats me just said it was a girl. Pam seems to think I am crazy. I was disappointed. And of course I felt guilty for feeling disappointed. So I don't really know what to do. So that is the whole story.

Thursday, November 15, 2007

Went to the dr. today. He did an ultrasound. He said it's a girl.

Tuesday, November 13, 2007


Paige needs braces. It is a sad fact. She, of course, is extremely excited. As if I was buying her a new car and throwing in a cell phone. She doesn't realize what this will truly entail. But I want her to have them. When she is sixteen she will be happy we did.

Yesterday we went to the consultation with Dr. Carrolton. He held the mold of Paige's mouth and told us all our options. He waited to the very end to drop the bomb. He reaches behind the things on the table and pulls out what Paige really needs . . . Orthodontic Headgear. As soon as he said the words I started to laugh, which is terrible I know. But this is what I pictured . . .

Really it will something more like this . . .

She only has to wear it 12 hours a day. So maybe from 7pm to 7am. For about 6 months. So after 20 months of wearing these braces. About 4,ooo dollars and many more appointments she should have perfect teeth. The only thing she wanted to know was why she couldn't wear the headgear to school. "Because I don't want you to get your ass kicked everyday for 6 months." I didn't really say that. Something much more maternal. I am always tender like that.

Friday, November 9, 2007


It has been a long time since my last post. I just figured I should write something.

Me and all my children have had a stinking cold for over a week. We are crammed in the petri-dish of a house breathing all over each other. I have been spraying the Lysol regularly. I think it is almost over.

Billy & I have our eye on a super terrific house. It would take a little doing on God's part, we'll see what happens.

Well, Erica moved out and my mom moved back in. Things are tight, but I am glad she is back.

Billy started his new job. No more driving to Odessa. No more 16 hour days. He is really enjoying it. I am so happy for him. It just shows, if you can be excellent where you are, even in your frustration, God will promote you. I think I need to master this principle.

I go to the dr. again next week. I am going to beg for a sono. Why make me wait another month. I will be almost 19 weeks along. He can tell the sex of the baby. I want to know for sure.

That is about all I can muster right now. I will hopefully report back sooner rather than later.