Tuesday, November 11, 2008

The battle of the century!

Good evening everyone. Welcome to the fight we have all been waiting for. I am Bob, along with my fellow announcer, Jim.

In this corner weighing in at 450 pounds, consisting of 12 loads of white, darks, jeans, colors, greys/tans and towels is the the dreaded laundry. In this corner, weighing, none of your beeswax, is Francesca.

Now, Jim, Francesca may have a poor record against this competitor, but I think she has potential. She has only won 120 out of the 46,831 times they have met, but this could be her day.


As the bell rings we see Francesca coming out swinging, but she has had a problem with her stamina in the past. We will see if she has improved any. Now the laundry's biggest defense is it's sheer mass. It has the ability to make the bravest of fighters cower in the corner, thumb in mouth, in the fetal position.


Now, in Round 1, Francesca managed to take out the easiest in the laundry's arsenal, the jeans and towels, but let us see if she can manage the colors. It is amazing how many little shirts can fit into one load, Bob. She is trying to get ready for the next round. Here is where we have seen her go downhill. Let's see what she has got left.


She is getting winded, I am not sure she has enough gas to see it through. Oh, and she goes down. Well, that was a short fight, Jim. I thought she would make it to the 3rd round. But this TKO was brutal. She will have to spend ALL her spare time training for the rematch.

Better luck to her next time.