Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Okay, so I know I said I wasn't blogging anymore, but because Rachel called me out specifically I figured this is a pretty safe one. So here I go...

8 Things I Am Looking Forward To:

1. Moving into a bigger house
2. Money never being an issue
3. Mexicooooooooo!!!!
4. Publishing my first book
5. All of my kids being in school (I know this sounds terrible)
6. Being the perfect size that God intended me to be
7. Publishing my second book
8. Seeing KLF reflect what is at the heart of who we are in it's fullness

8 Things I Wish I Could Do:

1. Go one day without my computer
2. Wear shorts
3. Travel everywhere with Billy (this may should have gone in the above section)
4. Sing
5. Keep the laundry done and put away
6. Give my children everything they have ever wanted (probably not a good idea)
7. Go to the movies once a week
8. Become addicted to exercise

8 Shows I am Currently Watching:

1.American Idol
2. Biggest Loser
I will soon be watching
3. Wipeout
4. So you think you can dance

Okay, I will tag ....ummm....someone please do this :)

Friday, May 1, 2009

Family Pics

Monday, March 9, 2009

Well Helloooooo -

I am so tired of looking at that post from 1986. I thought to myself, surely I could think of something else to write about. So here goes; an update of sorts.

My and Kristina have been planning the BFW. Pam and Joann have been big helps. I am really excited. But I want to see something happen. I want the traditional "If you are leading something big, you will be attacked" scenario to die. I am so tired of this being the norm. We have had all sorts of crap happen. I don't really want to give you the gory details. Let's just say I am tired. I know this BFW is going to be powerful. The best yet. I can say that because every one is better than the last. That is to God's credit. So anyway, I am really excited. Just a few weeks left.
Mom has gotten a not-so-great report back from the oncologist. I don't receive it. I am believing for long life for my mother. Have faith with me, that is all I can say right now.
I just started the P90X. I am on day five. It is pretty much suckfest. It is so hard. But I like to work hard. It's is the eating that is a *&@%. (I am not sure what you will find if you follow this.) I spend most of my time being sore and tired. But I think it will pass in about 90 days. I am hoping for good, FAST results. What can I say, I come form the microwave generation.

Maddie has been sick. She had the flu and some crud after. Bailey has has a cough. Paige, me and Blaise had a stomach bug about a week ago. Just to give you a glimpse Blaise threw up and had diarrhea in her bed, never woke up, just rolled around in it until the next morning. Yeah, I know: gross. Almost everyone is better know.

Sunday night has been good. It went from about 30 or 40 people to aver a hundred every Sunday night. What Brandon talked about this past Sunday night was life changing. If you weren't there I highly encourage you to get the CD. It was so powerful. Jason has also taught of some great Kingdom principles also. Again, CD's available.

The book is coming along well. I am about ready for the first edit to get the initial book proposal ready. Just pray for me. Julia emailed me this week after a pretty long absence on my part. I have spent so much time for the BFW I haven't written much. It was good to here she is still interested.

I don't even want to talk about the house. All is going well, it is just that every time I say anything . . . well you know. Let's just say - soon. Okay, let's just say that.

Well, I will leave you with as few recent pictures.

Maddie's getting into everything, as you can see. She keeps me busy!!

We have been having lots of fire. I pray they are prophetic pictures of a fire God has started.

Paige was in a show at the Paramount. She was gorgeous and thinks she has found her calling.
Maddie's first attempt at string cheese.

Maddie and her gorgeous daddy (isn't he hot?). She wasn't feeling well, so they were cuddling.
P.S. Don't plan to hear a lot from me from blog world. I really want to be wise with all my time. While I love all of your blogs. I think I need to invest in some specific area. But, I may sneak in every now and again.

Friday, January 2, 2009

Cancellation of debts

At the beginning of 2008, Billy and I began the year with about $90,000-$100,000 of debt. We have had debt our entire marriage. This year we began to declare that we would be debt free in 2008, except for our school loans of course.

Early in the year I began to see the number 5 everywhere. I would glance at the clock and it would be 5:55. I got bills in that were $55.55. All.The.Time. Then I read in one of Bill Johnson's books that God revealed to him this was the cancellation of debts. We began to buckle down and pay off everything we could. But we still had the big ones. School, 2 vehicles, a land payment, some small medical bills and credit cards. Then, as most of you know, in April the church paid all $29,000 of our school loans off. This was a turning point in our mentality. What was previously impossible, now seemed more realistic. Next we paid off out credit cards and all other small bills. Then our suburban finally sold. Then as the last few months of the year came and went, so did our debt. The truck, which again seemed like an impossible situation, was sold. The land payment is gone. Medical bills gone. All we owe is a small amount on our van now. We went from being a slave to debt to pretty much debt free.

It really is true that we hold the power of life and death in our tongue. As we continued to declare, "Debt free in 2008" we sat back and was wowed by God's goodness.

Now my faith is increased. I have even bigger things to declare in 2009. What are you declaring for 2009?