Thursday, March 20, 2008

Giving Birth -

So this pregnancy has been a very significant one for me. While they were all special in their own way, this one is different. I have felt from early on that this physical pregnancy and birth was spiritually paralleled. I feel, and have been given more than one word, that I am pregnant with ministry. The thing about being pregnant (with anything) is that you can't rush it. You have to wait until everything is developed. Being pregnant with ministry is the same way. You can't rush it. It will not come to pass until everything, (your character, integrity, etc.) is ready. Just like with a baby, if it comes too early there are things that could not be developed fully and the baby may mature at a slower rate, trying to catch up.

I have more to do at my home that I ever have. I have more kids, more laundry, more love to give out, etc. I have more to do at church than I ever have. More with prayer, more with women's ministry, more with life groups, more with BFW, more with writing etc. I have been more tired and stretched than ever. My faith is being stretched, my capacity to hold is being stretched. So, I am at the end of this and this is what I have found.

Being stretch, both physically and spiritually is hard. But if you want to contain something that will live past you it is necessary.

Pregnancy is the easy part, both physically and spiritually. It doesn't feel like it at the time, but there is an end to pregnancy. There is no end to growing up children or ministry.

I remember with every baby wanting so bad to go into labor and then it would start and I would remember how bad it would hurt and I wondered why I was in such a hurry.

After all the labor and crying and pushing is done, you realize you would do it again in a heartbeat.

What I have seen the most is that this isn't just for me. I have seen a stretching and a wrestling in a lot of people. It has made me want to hold up the arms of the women around me but i have found myself to be so totally self involved in my stretching that I haven't done it. But I will say this.

Brandi - You are not forgotten. God sees you and loves you and Miles. You are being stretched and pulled at. Go to the high place with the Lord, everything looks different from up there.

Jennifer - I don't know what is going on with you but God loves you and has not forsaken you. You are not a disappointment or a failure. You can rely on God and the people He has put around you.

Trish - God is bringing you to a new place. You have been stretched and pulled on. Embrace this new birth.

Monica - You are at the end of your own decade long pregnancy. You can finish strong. You are doing what you were created to do. Don't be overwhelmed.

Becky - You are right where God wants you. Throw yourself into this process. God is good and He wants the very best for you and for Bryan.

Ashlee - You are having your own labor pains far away from this body. You were created to give birth. You were created to be fruitful and to multiply. And you will, both physically and spiritually.

Cherith - You are pregnant with a new baby and lots of responsibility. You can do it. You won't be overwhelmed. You will rise to the occasion. You were designed to hold a lot.

Pam - You are also about to birth a 39 year old man out of your house and into His studio. It won't be long and it will all have been worth it.

Rachel - God is birthing ministry ideas, but more importantly He is stretching you in the area of your family. You will respond yes Lord. You will not resist. You will find at the end of the labor, you would do it again.

Mom - You are pregnant with ministry and art. At just the right time it will come. You are in the preparation phase right now. It won't be long.

Anyone else I didn't name specifically, sorry. Just know that whatever God is putting in you or calling out of you, He won't leave you. He is good and that is all I know to say. We all have something of value that needs to be birthed out of us. Let's see the big picture.

Romans 8:18 "I consider that our present sufferings are not worth comparing with the glory that will be revealed in us.

Friday, March 14, 2008


The burrito burden has been lifted. Billy came home yesterday and fired me. He said he found a replacement. I have never been so happy to be fired. Really it wasn't all that hard, just inconvenient. But now all my energy can go into the laundry. I think to keep it up it will take everything I have.

On another note: Please pray for us. Blaise has another ear infection. Dr. Steadman gave her a shot, put her on steroids (that make her moody:() and on an antibiotic. This is the last step before she has to get tubes. I am really praying that her ears will clear up and with the seasons changing that this will be the end of the ear infections. Also, I am pregnant. Please pray for a fast timely delivery. I am getting ready.

Friday, March 7, 2008

Wake-up Call -

Why is it that it's easy to pass on the junk to our children, but we have to work to pass on the good. Today I noticed how easy kids pick up on our faults.

Paige asked our local librarian, Cindy, if she could come one day a week and help shelve books. Cindy said Fridays from 4-5 would be good. Last week Paige had a school party so she wasn't able to go. So all this week she has been looking forward to her first day of "work". Before I picked up Paige from school I called Cindy to make sure today was still a go. Cindy had some things going on today and said that starting next week would be better. So when I picked up Paige, I had to break the news to her. Now we all know this, in the big scheme of things, is not a big deal. But, it felt very big to her. She was so disappointed. So, I tried to just tell her that she would get to go next week, but she was still extremely upset. She just sat there quiet for a few minutes and then she said something that broke me heart and scared the bejeezes out of me.

She said, "Mom, can we just go by and pick up something from Sonic."

Shut Up!! She has learned to use food for comfort from me. It made me sad and a little scared. I tried to explain that we can't look to things like that for comfort, she just nodded her head but I am not sure it got through. How easy do they do what we do. I am going to have to really be proactive in this area. Not only not allowing myself to find comfort in food, but retraining me and her about food. I am also going to have to spend some major time interceding and speaking life over this area of both of our lives. Paige is so beautiful and full of life. I would hate to see my shortcoming cause her to miss out on one second of the glorious life God has for her.

I believe God is calling me to deal with this issue once and for all. And apparently one of the biggest tools he is using is my ten year old daughter. Pray for us!!

For your viewing pleasure!!

Ahh! Paige's headgear! She is being very diligent. Just thought you would like to see! Only 5 more months, 20 more days, 7 more hours and 38 seconds until she is done.

Monday, March 3, 2008


Well, it is Monday again. I just wanted to pay homage to a day unlike any other. Here are just a few things I have said I will do or start on a Monday.

Start eating healthy
Get all the laundry done and put away
Clean out my fridge
Organize the bills
Tweeze my eyebrows
Plan out meals for the whole week
Pray for one hour a day
Drink more water
Organize something, or everything for that matter

But, what usually happens is that Monday is spent trying to recuperate from the weekend. Why do we always say we are starting things on Monday. I think this Thursday I will start something. Maybe I will take up origami, or wipe all the little grubby fingerprints off my DVDs. Who knows? Anyway, this is my tribute to Monday.