Friday, October 12, 2007

How about this!!

Well, I have had a complaint from one of my fans (Brandi) so I figured it was time for a new post. So I thought to myself, I do have a little piece of info that is quite post-worthy.

I had a sonogram today. Everything looked good. Baby looked perfect. I am 13 weeks and 4 days which luckily is farther that he first figured. Then the doctor began to look at the baby's head and spine and hands and leg and then he said this - "Oh, there is a bump. If I had to guess I would say this is a BOY!!" He then proceeded to say it is still early and we won't know for sure until later blah, blah, blah. But I heard the word - BOY!! We have tried to be a little restrained knowing he wasn't positive, but it is really hard to not scream like a little girl and jump up and down. So there is a little news from the Hafner front.


Ashlee said...

Wow, how exciting.... I guess another month or two and you will find out for sure. I've missed your blogs too, thanks for the update!

High in Demand said...

Boy Oh Boy!!!!

I don't want to get too excited but I can't help myself! I've thought about it all day since you told me this morning!

The world needs a little Hafner Boy!

Hey, did you like any of the clothes?

Start World Hunger said...

This is exciting news...and I'm so glad that you are further along! So, when's the official due date?

ericaprosser said...

::::: holding my breath :::::
(need another baby story?)

Ashlee said...

erica, I'm not sure I understand your comment.

God's Warrior Bride said...

I so admire your ability to not jump up and down and scream like a little girl cause I just couldn't stop myself from doing it when I read your post.