Friday, January 4, 2008

Another reason I LOVE H-E-B!

Wednesday I did something I don't like to do. I took all four of my kids grocery shopping with me. Silly, yes I know, but we really needed food. So, I had a plan. I rented a little car/basket for the babies to ride in, that Paige would push. And I pushed the big basket. This plan started out a success. The babies were entertained for about 12.5 minutes. Then the wanted out, or fought with each other, or sank down into the dirty floorboard and got stuck, or tried to climb out the front of the car while it was in motion. So I opened a box of fruit snacks and kept a steady stream going to keep them happy. And we shopped and shopped and shopped. Took two different bathroom breaks. And shopped some more. At this time we had been there a little over 2 hours. Both baskets were full and I was tired and the little girls were fussy. At the last bathroom break Paige and Avery were in the restroom and Blaise was really crying. She wanted me to hold her and she kept saying Night-Night. She was tired and not feeling good. (I found out yesterday she had an ear infection) So I was trying to hold and console her over my ever-growing belly. And then it happened.

**The heavens open and the hallelujah chorus plays**
A worker says to me, "Why don't you let me push your basket to the check out so you can hold your baby?"
I agree and we start the procession to the front. Me carrying Blaise, followed by a prancing Avery and Bailey, followed by Paige with a basket bigger than her, followed by the most wonderful HEB worker ever pushing another full basket. Then beautiful HEB worker says something to another equally beautiful HEB worker and they open a lane just for me. All other lanes were about 3 people deep. Then second beautiful HEB worker gets a third beautiful worker who then proceeds to unload all of my groceries onto the conveyor belt. And at last gets a fourth equally beautiful worker to carry out my groceries and arrange them, with the bread on top, in the back of my SUV. I left thanking God for his favor and praying he would bless all those wonderful women who helped a tired pregnant women with four children.
This is just another reason I love HEB.


trish said...

Dang TIm, you shlould have caught it on video for the commercial for next year!

JesusFreak said...

Aaawwww! Francesca I couldn't stop smiling while I was reading this post! If nothing made someone believe in God's goodness, this story alone should make them. I am so glad that you were blessed this way. It's always the small ones that mean the most (at least to me).

MONICA said...

Yes, blessing to those Angels of the Lord and for the double seat shopping carts.

erica said...

cheers! from one HEB lover to another!