Monday, March 3, 2008


Well, it is Monday again. I just wanted to pay homage to a day unlike any other. Here are just a few things I have said I will do or start on a Monday.

Start eating healthy
Get all the laundry done and put away
Clean out my fridge
Organize the bills
Tweeze my eyebrows
Plan out meals for the whole week
Pray for one hour a day
Drink more water
Organize something, or everything for that matter

But, what usually happens is that Monday is spent trying to recuperate from the weekend. Why do we always say we are starting things on Monday. I think this Thursday I will start something. Maybe I will take up origami, or wipe all the little grubby fingerprints off my DVDs. Who knows? Anyway, this is my tribute to Monday.


Ashlee said...

I think there is a lot of wisdom in your tribute! Monday's are mostly recovery day here too, and the day I most often forget about all the new plans I had decided to start...

Yesterday we woke up to a broken sump pump (what keeps your basement from filling with water)...that was quite the way to start the week...