Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Happy Birthday Pam!!

So, obviously it is a little past Pam's birthday. But, nonetheless, we are having a birthday dinner, in her honor. Friday, May 30th, 6:45, Carino's. Let me know if you will be able to make it. And to close, here a a few things I love about my Pam.

Awesome Cook

Almost 40!!

What do you love about Pam?


Pamelotta said...

I hate that stupid shirt she's wearing. Everytime she wears it you can totally see through it. It's so annoying. She should get a babysitter and spend her birthday money at Ross and get some new shirts already! Sheesh.

High in Demand said...

Picture me laughing really hard...I totally thought you were talking about ERICA's shirt. (Look at the picture again.)

I love artsy Pam. I love her "How To" blogs.

I love that I can call her, spill my guts and feel lighter when we get off the phone.

I love that she's not only creative but that she's smart as well. She keeps you on your toes.

One of my very favorite things about Pam is...what you see is what you get. She's always the same Pam. That makes her trustworthy.

I can taste Carino's already!

Start World Hunger said...

I love Chef Pam. She inspires me to make home-made butter. And, I wish I could hear/see her imaginary cooking shows.

Start World Hunger said...
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Cyndi said...

I just think she has a Godly Mind and she is creative

Erica P said...

I love the Pam who is a confrontational bully in her head and a big softy on the outside.

I love Dirty-Van-Pam.

I love the Pam who will drive half-way across Texas for the right antique door.

I love the Pam who ROCKS the drums.

I love the Pam who has already spotted the typo in the previous sentence.

I love the Pam who will bring her whole family to church smelling like skunks, because what else are you gonna do?

I love the Pam who's learning to Rumba on Monday nights with me.

Happy Birthday Pam! Love you so much!


MONICA said...

I love Pam!!! I hate that I missed the Birthday night out! I hope she (and co.) had a blast!

I love Pam's tender heart and "funny bone"!

I loved sitting beside her at BFW testimony time, exhausted in every way, laughing and sighing at the same times; sometimes at innappropriate times. A great memory for me!

Pam is gifted and special in so many ways!!! Some that quickly come to mind that I love about her:

She is warm and friendly and can make anyone feel comfortable and welcome!

She is awesome at conversing about trivial or profound topics!

She is bright and witty, (like my kids! :)

She is a genuine and loyal friend!She lives covanentually! (is that a word?)

She is full of integrity and lives by her principles!

She is passionately creative and unique!

She is an awesome supporter and help mate to her husband and children!

She lives green and loves nature!

and when I think of Pam the most characteristic thing I think of is that she demonstrates a passion for life and she is FUN, FUN, FUN!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY PAM! I'm blessed to call you my friend! Thirty-something looks great! and remember...."we look much betta in the future...!!