Thursday, May 3, 2007


By now we have all probably heard that May is a special month of favor for God's elected. Well, I am God's elected so I am expecting HUGE things to happen this month. This is what I think we should do. We should keep a record of all the things that happen this month. From the big to the small. The miraculous to the mundane. And at the end of the month post them. I believe it will be a faith increaser. I have some big things I am believing for also. I have big expectations.
Here is a few of my believing God for list: (in no particular order)
*Debt Free
- School loans, cars, everything.
*Supernatural results from my diet and exercise.
- Been working hard and seen little if no results, very frustrating
*Financial Increase for Billy's Business.
- Sales, Sales, Sales
*Dream Home.
- In God's timing
*To see the Glory of God like never before.
- Show me your Glory!!
*To find Transcriptionist jobs so I can earn money from home.
- Finished school, Yay, now need jobs
*Healing of knee and toe.
- Skating incident and a weird toenail thing, yuck.
*Poverty Mentality to be broken completely
- There has been a large measure of freedom, but I want it all.

Now if God wants to do these all in May that is fantastic, if not the sooner the better. I will wait on the Lord.


Tangerinetinselbreeze said...

I worked with your favorite doctor and he told me to tell you to call him. He wants to have you guys over and wants to talk to you about doing his medical transcription!

Start World Hunger said...

Good/God idea! I'm with ya! I already have some things to write on my list....yeah God!