Tuesday, May 1, 2007

Summer Vacation!!!!!!

I am so excited. August 18-23 the Hafner family and the Park family (minus April :() are going on VACATION!!!! We have rented an awesome house on South Padre Beach. Here are some pics of it.

As you can see it is right on the beach. This is the view from the balcony off the game room.

This is our own private pool. It is called a mood pool. At night it changes colors: pink, purple, blue! How cool is that.
Here is the 12 person kitchen table. We are going to have lots of fun meals around this.
Here is just one of the many beds in the place. It has four bedrooms and about 12 beds!
This is the game room. Separate from the living room. It has DVD players, video library, PlayStation, games, music library. The house also has a BBQ grill, full kitchen, and tons more. The lady was really nice and she didn't mind our thousand kids. I think this is going to be a vacation our kids will never forget. I am so excited. What vacation plans do you have for the summer?


High in Demand said...

I will Not entertain thoughts of jealousy!
I will Not entertain thoughts of jealousy!
I will Not entertain thoughts of jealousy!
I will Not entertain thoughts of jealousy!
I will Not entertain thoughts of jealousy!
I will Not entertain thoughts of jealousy!
I will Not entertain thoughts of jealousy!
I will Not entertain thoughts of jealousy!
I will Not entertain thoughts of jealousy!


ericaprosser said...

I am currently entertaining thoughts of jealousy. I will spending my summer in my first semester of school- which I have waited almost 4 years to do! May 7-Aug 17.

Anonymous said...

Chicago! Chicago! Chicago! Woo-hoo! I'll be going to my FIRST major league baseball game at Wrigley Field. Also, a 1920s speak-easy dinner theater (hope Cole has a good time there...at least they serve alcohol) Lincoln Park Zoo, and any museum that Cole wants to go to...limit 3. Just hanging out with the love of my life before the new love comes in September! Way excited!

Francesca said...

Brandi: I thought you were planning some beach action yourself?

Erica: You are finally going to school, who needs a vacation. hehehe

Cherith: That sounds amazing. I would love to go to Chicago one day. And it will be great for you and Cole to have one last go before little baby Newman comes along.

Tangerinetinselbreeze said...

I am trying desperately to believe I will be in Thailand/ Cambodia/ Ankor Wat August 9-18. It is just so expensive and I really would like to remodel stuff on my house that would make it permanently more inviting. I could completely have my patio enclosed and tiled and new furniture for the price we would pay to go in August. It is a tough call. Not to mention I too will be in my final school semester ! Graduation August 4th. Party in Fredericksburg for those that can make it. I guess I should do a little planning. But first I have got to finish the next 1 1/2 weeks of this semsester.

Fran- almost got jealous- too busy to turn green.
Cherith I have always wanted to go to Chicago. Flights are super duper cheap on AA.com for last minute. I might actually beat you there if I get the urge.

Erica- What about the Grand Canyon?

Brandi- we should plan a vacation somewhere like disney with all our crew. I would love to see all your beauties going nuts chasing down the princesses for autographs- no doubt in the scrapbook mommy hand made.

High in Demand said...

Well, I'm HOPING that we will get to go to the beach. I didn't sell Randy's house like I wanted to. After a month of trying I finally told Randy to get his realtor to sell it. She had it sold in 2 days. So, that was our solid vacation money.
The thing is that when I had made the decision to allow the realtor to sell the house I thought about how spoiled I am, and that even though I didn't sell the house I would probably get to go on vacation anyway.
Now, I'm just about POSITIVE that we will not be not staying in such an amazing place as you. That's okay though. There will be plenty of time for those sort of things when I'm on book tours and stuff.

the_a_team said...

We're going to Crystal Beach from June 12 - June 17th! Our kids (mine & Jennifer's) have never been to the beach! So this will be so exciting!!!

Bloomin' Cactus said...

I'm hoping to go on a vacation this summer. We've never been on vacation as a family. . well, last year we went to Ft. Worth, but I'm not sure that really counts as a "vacation". We have some friends from Tyler that we would love to go on vacation with . . we've talked about the beach. . . just not sure. I'm just believing that we're going to get to go ANYWHERE!

Pamelotta said...

You all know where I'll be!