Friday, November 16, 2007

Truth behind the story -

I feel like I need to elaborate about yesterday's post. The Dr. did indeed do a ultrasound. He was in a rush and here is how it went.

Dr. - Let's take a look.
F - (waiting breathlessly)
Dr. - Well, we may not get a clear view.
F - Oh, don't say that!
Dr. - Let's measure the leg bone.
F. - . . . .
Dr. - Well the legs are very close together, I can't see any boy parts, so I am going to say girl.
F. - (Me, surprised) really?
Dr. - We will do another ultrasound in a few months. Have a good day!

So it wasn't clear to anyone. But I felt like I couldn't just keep saying it is a boy when the trained professional who treats me just said it was a girl. Pam seems to think I am crazy. I was disappointed. And of course I felt guilty for feeling disappointed. So I don't really know what to do. So that is the whole story.


Pamelotta said...

Don't sweat it. Just relax. You're pregnant, you know. Like Elliott said, it is what it is. Whatever it is. No one can change that by calling it one thing or another or missing some vital piece of equipment!

You've had one appt where the Dr said he thought it might be a boy, if he had to guess. And one appt where the Dr said it was a girl, if he had to guess. Let's just say you're back at square one and let it just be a surprise. This is probably your last one, so the next time the Dr does a sono just tell him that you don't want anymore talk about the sex. You'll just see him or her when you see him or her, and you'll fall in love regardless like you always do!

Love you.

Rachel said...

I agree with Pam . . just looks like you're back to square one. You still don't know. ;) He was in a hurry yesterday, so maybe on your next one, he'll really take his time and at least try to get the baby to move. So, don't be disappointed -- you still don't know (I know -- easier said than done!).

A-lauf said...

I don't think it's bad to be disappointed at your expectations. You are expecting a boy. Still seems unclear to me. Don't feel bad about being disappointed. You won't stay that way if it is a girl, which it might not be.

Brandi Wilson said...

In my opinion that is not the way to do an ultrasound when you're talking to a pregnant woman with FOUR girls. I think you look and look and look until you KNOW or you say, "I'm sorry but your BABY does not want you to know at this time. We will check again later."

The guess is strange.

You can say it's a girl if you want, but I think I would still tell people that you're not sure yet.

You did get flowers sent to you yesterday because of the sad day. That's just like a boy to do what he can to get his Momma flowers!