Sunday, June 29, 2008

Worthy is the Lord!!

The theme during worship today seemed to be this - Holy is the Lord, Worthy is the Lord. We sang at least four different songs and this was the reoccurring sentiment. God is Holy. God is Worthy. God is worthy of my praise. It is easy to say this when things are good. Not so much when things aren't. When circumstances are good we worship God because of those circumstances. When things are bad we are supposed to worship God in spite of our circumstances. I have found a few things out the last few weeks.

I can be an ungrateful brat.
God is not bothered by that.
I am guilty of worshiping because of, not in spite of.

Here are some things I have repented of.

For judging God.
For trying to manipulate God
(You know when you want something and your husband says no. So you pout, in the hopes, that he will feel bad and give you what you want. Don't act like you haven't done it. That is manipulation. And I tried it on God. And guess what, it doesn't work. On Billy either)
For withdrawing my trust.
For withdrawing from relationship.
For doubting.

God is Holy and God is worthy of all my love, adoration, and praise. Not because of any reason but who He is. And He is good. All. The. Time!!


Anonymous said...

That's a good word right there. (and yeah, I planned the worship set like that)

Emily Suzanne said...

Such honesty! I LOVE IT! We miss you guys and wish we could see you soon. We're seeing my grandparents much more now that we've moved, so we're hoping to be heading that way soon... if we do we'll call you guys. How's the family? did you have a new baby? (Maddie)
I'm sooo impressed! How do you do it? I'm just making the transition to two and some day I can't think straight!

The Durham's said...

Such a good and needed reminder! No matter what, right:) Thanks, you are precious!

Unknown said...

Thanks for being honest with us. I must confess also Miss Fran. I to have been guilty of being an ungrateful brat. I know, I know, you can't believe this about me right?
Well I'm sure we have all been ungrateful brats at sometime in our lives. We just don't like to admit it.
So thanks for sharing that with us. I don't feel so bad. I thought I was the only ungrateful brat. LOL

Anonymous said...

Well said.