Friday, December 12, 2008

Blaise's Angel -

Last night we were winding down for the night. The three older girls were all asleep. I was feeding Maddie a bottle when Blaise walked into the living room. She has something in her hand, but I couldn't tell what it was. Blaise is getting to the age that she doesn't do crazy dangerous things anymore. She is three now and she is smart, so I don't worry so much anymore. But, last night, she gave me quite a shocker. She came around the couch and told me "Mom, look what I did." I got up and looked and she had stuck a metal key into an outlet in the living room. Now, mind you, it had outlet covers on it. She just stuck it in under it and stuck it right into the outlet. In the outlet that just happens to be the only outlet in the house that doesn't work. I then proceeded to freak out and scare her until she cried, which wasn't my plan, I was just so overwhelmed with what could have happened. I put Maddie to bed and just held Blaise for a long time. She calmed down and informed me that I was "in big trouble" for scaring her. I apologized again, but thought to myself it was worth it if she would never do that again.

Thank you Jesus for always protecting my children. Your blood is enough!


trish said...

SO awesome.

Anonymous said...

That is so awesome. Justus did a similar thing about a month ago. He got shocked, but it didn't hurt him...just scared him. Thank the Lord for protecting angels.

By the way, the title and picture of this blog made me think that the white post in the picture was her angel. Silly me.

The Durham's said...

Ok, I just read this and my heart would have stopped!! Praise Jesus for His protection! Your girls are so precious and there are so many times I look at my Mayce and see little Paige:) It just makes me smile because God is so sweet to give me a child that favors one who holds such a special place in my heart! She had such a divine appointment to join this earth, Francesca, and I am so grateful I had the chance to be a part of her life for a few years! Please tell her, even though she probably would not remember me, that she is so special and give her a big hug for me:) We will be in Abilene this Friday through Sunday, so if you are close, I would LOVE to see you:) Bless you, sweet sister!