Wednesday, December 24, 2008

"Twas the Night Before Christmas -

It is late, I am waiting for one more little girl to go to sleep so I can put the finishing touches on the Christmas presents. But, while I wait I have thought about how blessed I really am. I have a wonderful husband, 5 beautiful and healthy little girls, my needs are all met, I am beginning a promising career as a writer, I love my church body, I have some of the best friends a girl could want, and Jesus is crazy about me. God is forever exceeding my expectations. Every time I think, "There is no way," or "I don't see how it can work out," God comes through again. You would think I would quit thinking those absurd thoughts. But, as I take inventory of my life I am left with the wonderful assurance that God loves me and He is good. These two statements are what I want to base my life from. If I never believed anything but these two things, life would be good. I know it is early for new year's resolutions, but I already have a few. So here are some things I want for 2009:

*To live everyday from "God is good and He loves me."
*To write something everyday.
*To love more deeply than I ever have.
*To concentrate on the important things and let the fluff fall away.
*To take care of what has been given to me in the most excellent way.
*To let go of all bitterness, pain, wounds, disappointments and unmet expectations.

I am sure there is more. But this is more than enough to keep me busy through at least April.

Well, I am off to finish up. Blaise is finally asleep. I pray that God blows every one of your expectations away with His goodness.


jen said...

The strength of you faith is an encouragement to me. I hope you guys had a great Crhistmas, and that you have a Happy New Year. I'm praying God bless you beyond your dreams in this new year.