Wednesday, April 4, 2007

Hope -

Hope has been a common theme lately. It has caused me to ask some questions.

What happens when we hope and are disappointed? Do we withdraw to protect from future wounds. Do we heal and just move on. Do we become paralyzed in the fear that maybe we can't have all we have wished. Do we stop hearing that still small voice. Do we try even harder to hear it now because maybe we have missed it in the past. Or do we quit listening at all. Do we not dream again. Do we decide that dreams are exactly that, things that fill our mind in the dark of night and in the light of day are no where to be found. Do we stop feeling because it is dangerous. Do we feel too much, reading motive and intentions in everything. What happens when we hope and are disappointed. Do we stop hoping. Where are we without hope. Hope is the beginnings of faith. Faith is the assurance of things hoped for. The evidence of things not seen. I have decided that I would rather hope and risk it all, then live a life without it.


A life I live... said...

I have found that you can steal everything else from me, but the second you steal my hope, you have stolen everything. We are created to hope, to believe and without it we can't function. I love that when you telling us about your house situation that you said "I will just stand on the fact that God is good, He can't be anything else." I love that because it keeps that hope there. If you come to the conclusion that God is bad then all hope has failed. So, I'm believing nothing other than...GOD IS GOOD, HE CAN'T BE ANYTHING ELSE!

Pamelotta said...

I just think about my kids. They hope for so many things. Lots of things I could not or would not ever give them. They may be disappointed for a day or two, but they bounce right back to their normal hoping selves because they are distracted by new things. It seems like when our hopes are dashed, we are crushed for a while, but there seems to always be something around the next corner to pull us out of it. I may just have a personality type that allows me hope again or maybe I haven't been really, truly dissapointed in something. I don't know.
I do agree that God is good. All the time. Even when we don't notice. Even when we do notice.
He's just good! I love Him so much!

High in Demand said...

I knew I should have called you earlier today. I was struggling with some stuff today...I will call it "The Usual". I thought about calling, but I didn't because ___ & _____& _____& why the heck am I dealing with this still!?!