Thursday, July 19, 2007

Girl's night out, anyone?

Well, it has been awhile since I posted last. So here is what is up. I have been feeling a little stressed the last few days. I have been short with the kids and have felt a little b****y. I begin to examine why I feel this way and here is what I have come up with. I think it has been almost 2 weeks since I have done anything without my kids. (excluding a short Theophostic session) Sunday I was in the nursery, I had Avery Thurs and Fri during Allen and Courtney's wedding stuff. I never realize how much I need some time until I don't have it. Billy has been working 16 hour days and so he hasn't been able to help much. He is in a season right now where he just has to get things done and I don't resent him for it. I think a girl's night is in order. Maybe Saturday or something. All I know is that I need to get a babysitter and have some time with my girlfriends.


JesusFreak said...

Do I smell margaritas?

Anonymous said...

I'm down...if you need a driver!

Pamelotta said...

I, too, volunteer for d.d. And just in case someone religious is reading this and is wondering why in the world we would need a designated driver, we just want to make sure that we never put ourselves in a position where we could do something stupid that we would regret. Just playing it safe. I'll forego margaritas this time!

High in Demand said...

I will NOT forego margaritas if I get to go. I've gotta ask the husband, but it sounds FUN! OF course I'm back on the wagon in the area of my eating so I'll have to sacrifice food for margaritas. That's a sacrifice I'm willing to make. I'll let you know.

A life I live... said...

Well, if I'm not mistaken...we were supposed to go out for my birthday this weekend, since we couldn't do it last month....

Kevin said...

Pam, and ladies.

I am shocked all the drinking and needing of designated drivers! LOL!

Only religeous or totally lost people think Christians are against drinking and cannot have fun!

Last weekend while on vacation with my brother we had a drink everynight before dinner!

Have Fun Guys!

Bloomin' Cactus said...

OK, I know Kevin's comment was not meant to be offensive, but I am not religious or lost and I'm not going because of the drinking. Yes, some would say my convictions are "extreme" or whatever, but I don't see the need for it. I am by no means judging you guys for going. I do hope you have a great time together. Just a choice I've made -- but not because I'm religious or lost.

High in Demand said...

This is really not a big deal. We all have convictions. Rachel doesn't like drinking. I don't like burned music or santa. Francesca...she doesn't like sleeping with other people's husbands. (her loss)

My point is that we all have convictions and things that are important to our family. That's a good thing.

Pamelotta said...

Oh, Brandi! I love you. I think your name in Hebrew means "great diffuser!"

Rachel, I love you, too!

The margaritas I could take or leave.
I only refuse burned cd's when I remember the conviction I have.
Santa has a place in our family like it or not.
Sleeping with other people's husbands...I've never tried it. I'm happy with the one I've got!

ericaprosser said...

Francesca will also not toss eggs with anyone but her husband.

Kevin said...

I am sorry, if I offend anyone, and I believe my comment was taken way out of context.

I said, "Only religeous or totally lost people think Christians are against drinking and cannot have fun!"

I did not say, "Only religeous and totally lost people are against drinking"

There is a very different context there. Last week with my brother I was 2 1/2 hours from home, and had 1 drink a night because it is something he does. (Jesus with the tax collectors and prostitutes).

It was the third drink in 7 years for me. I had 1 in 2000 1 in 05, and 2 in 07.

I would personally never drink in the city I live in, but had to learn that it was not wrong for others to do that.

Sorry if it hurt your feelings Rachel.