Sunday, July 22, 2007

Thank You!!

I had such a fun time last night. I really needed it. I love each of you more every time we spend time together. These are just a few of the things I love about each of you from last night.

Jennifer - Said shocking improper things that made me laugh very hard

Brandi - Shared the good smooth stuff

Pam - Let me sip her swirl

Erica - Didn't break Becky's camera after I got THE SHOT

Becky - Documented it all with her camera and talent

Cherith - Drove and opened up about some random stuff that showed me a new side of her

Brenda - Brought party favors

Kathy - She is just fun whether you are praying or having a girls night, she's just fun

Ashley - She is like adding jewelry to an already cute outfit, just spices things up

Krissy - Reminisced about the old days

Amy - Reminded me of how we met, and how much I love to be with her

So anyway, I think we should do that more often. All the pressure that was building after weeks alone with my kids has seemed to disapate now. Thank you!!


High in Demand said...

I had a great time. I love girls night out. I'm trying to figure out what I can do with that great photo of Becky and I really close to Erica. I think I'd like to enlarge it for my living room. Or maybe the entry! That would be a great welcome.

A life I live... said...

I had a great time also...see pictures on blog and you can see for yourself!! Great idea!

Oh, Brandi, I really like the idea of putting us in your living room...right above your fireplace, maybe...blow it up really, really big!! :)