Monday, July 2, 2007


Lately all my writing energy has gone to my book. I have found that I don't have much to say on my blog. But for love of my Becky, here I am.

So the book is coming along. I haven't had good uninterrupted time to write. So I just get to it when I can. I have almost 60 pages right now. I am also writing a few things on the side. So writing takes up most of my free time. But I did get the desk and computer from my mom's. So I have a good comfortable place to work.

I am also a little busy with all the kids home. They are all home. All day. All of them. Anyway. I have to cook more and clean more and straighten more and do more laundry and kiss scrapes more and referee disagreements more wipe noses and hineys more. You get the picture. More is required. Keeps me busy. I can't wait for the Methodist Church camps to start. Both the big girls are going . Monday - Fri, 9-3, 4 weeks in a row. Hallelujah. Don't get me wrong. I love my girls. We just live in a small space. We have like 4 square feet per person. Just kidding, it is more like 8 square feet.

The fast has been going good. I haven't missed TV at all. I really thought I would. The eating out has been harder. I did cave once. But God's grace is sufficient.

The Community Service was good. I thought Bryan did terrific. I was glad to get to share my testimony, even though I did cry a little.

I am even excited about the Centennial thing. I think Erica is rubbing off on me.

Billy's job is going good. He just has to work a lot right now. He is working like 100 hours a week. So it keeps him really busy. On a side note, I am just crazy about Billy. Can't seen to not be.

So there are some thing going on with me. Be Blessed.


Anonymous said...

Maybe I'm just pregnant (yeah, you think?), but I LOVE Cole so much right now. I'm really mushy all the time when I'm with him and when I think about him. It's great...I just hope he dosen't get annoyed with me wanting to hug and kiss him all the time...and other stuff, too.

Francesca said...
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God's Warrior Bride said...

God is doing a great work in our relationships as I am crazy, passionately,madly in love with Doug - more now than ever before. When we are apart my heart aches (I mean literally aches for him). I love this new us.

High in Demand said...

I'm so excited that you're already up to 60 pages! That's awesome.

Also, I understand what you mean about them all being at home! It's a lot of work. I love it, but it's a lot of work!

A-lauf said...

100 hours. Yuck

A life I live... said...

Oh, Francesca, thank you!! I think you did a great job at the church service!! And I know that it's just the beginning for you! Many more speaking engagements will be coming soon.