Thursday, August 16, 2007

God is SOOOOO smart!!

Yesterday, while checking the forecast for Dauphin Island I noticed a little something. There is a tropical depression or whatever coming through the Gulf of Mexico right now, which means that if we would have gotten the original house in South Padre, we would be out of luck. The coast is expecting heavy rainfall. I was so frustrated when the house fell though, twice. But to step back and look at the big picture now, is beautiful. We have a better house, on a better beach, for better money and with better weather. Isn't that just the kind of God my God is. More than we could ask, think or imagine. So God knew what He was doing. This increases my faith in some other areas. When something passes by, there must be something better coming.


Ashlee said...

That is so neat....have fun!!

High in Demand said...

I want you guys to have the best trip ever! I want to hear so many great things about Alabama when you come back that I will want to pack up my whole crew and take them to that great state!

To see the Whole Big Picture...Oh, how I would love a taste of that.

Mysterious-Invaluable-Aspiring said...

That is AWESOME! God is good!!!