Friday, August 3, 2007

Update -

Well, I thought an update was in order.

Avery's arm was not broken. It was just Nurse Maid's elbow. That is a dislocating of the elbow something or other. Brent put it back into place. She screamed and she is still favoring it quiet a bit. I think it is still sore. She should be better in no time.

Blaise is feeling fine today. It must have been something she ate.

Trish came and got the throw up sheets to wash them (I love you Trish!!)

H-E-B called and said they would reimburse my doctor's bills. (I will interject here that Wal-Mart would have probably told me to get a paper towel and clean up any spills in the aisle. One more reason I love H-E-B)

My knee is just sore today.

Washer is still a problem. I haven't figured out what I am going to do yet.

But overall a major improvement. Thank you Jesus!! I even think I am going to get a nap. Thanks for all your prayers and encouraging comments. They were needed. I love you!!


Amanda said...

This is so awesome. I'm a little confused though. Why did H-E-B call you? I mean it's awesome that they did but I don't get it and what Wal-Mart had to do with everything. But then again I'm pretty clueless sometimes. Love ya!

Anonymous said...

Yay God! Yay God! Yay God!

Brandi Wilson said...

Wow! That was a great update! I'm so thankful! The Lord is good and faithful.

Have a restful Saturday!

Francesca said...

When I fell at HEB I had to fill out a report. And my nurse told me I shoudl call and tell them I was going to the doctor. So they called me back at offered to pay my doctor bill.

The reference to walmart was just because I don't really like that store and they are not very helpful at all.

I hope that helps you Amanda :)

Brandi Wilson said...

That really is amazing that HEB offered to pay for the bill.
Gosh, I do like HEB, but I just spend way too much money when I go in there. Do you buy everything there? Where do you buy gifts? Where do you buy clothes? Where do you go to buy a trash can or whatever...
Do you buy school supplies at HEB?
I'm thinking that you would have to always be going to several stores a week if you didn't shop at Wal Mart. Is this correct or am I decived by the makers of Wal Mart.

Francesca said...

I buy all my food and tolietries at HEB. I but most of my gifts at Ross. To be honest, trash cans and stuff like that I get at the doller store. But going to more than one store hasn't really inconvienced me that much. Every now and then I do got to walmart, but never for major shopping.