Wednesday, December 19, 2007


We had a terrible thing happen yesterday. Our little kitten got hit by a car. When the girls came home from school they saw it in the middle of the road. It was still alive and they picked it up and brought it back. I told them to set it down and see if it could walk. When she did it tried to move but could only drag it's back legs. It was so sad. Now, I am not really an animal person. But the sight of that little kitten trying to drag itself under our steps was more than I could take. Not to mention the Paige and Bailey immediately started crying hysterically. I called Billy and he told me Dusty was coming to get it around 5 to go "put it down". I told the girls we were going to have to put it down, and that they had 20 minutes to say bye. The girls sat around it and pet it and told it goodbye. It broke my heart to see their little hearts broken. But the saddest thing that came from this chain of events was this question from Paige.

"I prayed for a miracle and God didn't do it. Why?"

I answered it the best I could.

"I don't know, but I know God is good."


High in Demand said...

It's the million dollar question. I think you gave the best answer possible.