Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Valentine's Day!

I had a terrific Valentine's day. Good friends, good food, good movie. Billy gave me a beautiful plant and a sweet card and a CD I have wanted forever. Bryan Adams Greatest Hits. Now this has all the greats: Summer of '69, Everything I Do, Please Forgive Me, and many more. I absolutely love it. He even bought Mom something, too. He was very sweet and thoughtful. How was your Valentine's Day?

Oh, by the way, I have decided on the name Madeline. Still thinking of a middle name.

P.S. Is anyone else having trouble with blogger? I can no longer spellcheck (something Pam will tell you I am in desperate need of) I can't add a picture or anything. The toolbar is gone. What is the deal?


High in Demand said...

Love the name Madeline. I thought about that name for awhile myself...when I was pregnant with someone.

Bryan Adams? Really?

No spell check for me either.

MONICA said...

I love the name!! How about Madeline....Joy Hafner...can we call her Madie? Sweet Madie..I can't wait to squeeze and bathe her!! Glad you have a good V day. Billy is so sweet for thinking of Mom too!

My man came through like a champ as usual. He had me beautiful yellow roses with red tips, a heart of box of choclates, a very touching card (not a funny one) and we had a great lunch date. I'm still feeling all mushy thinking about him.

Cyndi said...

I am so glad your V-day was great. WE had a great day as well. It is so great to have Kingdom men that want to bring us joy everyday.

Madeline, I love the name.

See you guys later.

High in Demand said...

I told Randy a couple of weeks ago not to bother. We're not big on V-day. I like gifts all year around so besides my birthday I don't like holiday gifts from him. Well, that's what we decided but I guess we both woke up feeling like we should do something for each other. I ended up making him a really sweet card, I used all kinds of scrapbook stuff on it so it was cute, and I told him some mushy stuff. Before I gave it to him he told me that he had something for me. I was so surprised to see that he bought me an hour spa thing at a salon. It's so cool. I will get to lay on this massaging, heated bed for 30 minutes then from there I get to be in a low tanning bed for 30 minutes. My goodness that sounds great! I don't have to be naked with anyone around. No one is going to touch me. I don't have to make conversation or dread a conversation. I just get to relax for an hour! What a treat!

Ashlee said...

I had thought if we had another girl close to the age of Lydie and Addie that I might use Madelyn (Lydie, Addie, and Maddie) but in the end I think addie and maddie sound too much alike....and since Adalee is almost 3 already and no new babies on the horizon yet they really aren't going to be that close together. That said obviously I think its a great name. Congratulations!!

A couple of days ago I was thinking of you while I did laundry. As another mom of only girls I was meditating on what an honor it is to be given these girls to raise up. So many of the young women we minister to grew up feeling so rejected, hurt, and devalued...then they bring children into fatherless or disfunctional homes. They don't realize their own value and sadly often assume the same for their own children. While of course, we strive to change their perspective and for them to see themselves in the light of truth...how much easier it is to instill it from the very start! I am so excited to see what God will do with these fiery girls -- full of love, faith, and destiny and without the baggage that so many of us have struggled with.

Start World Hunger said...

I love the name! I can't wait to see you tomorrow to get the pronunciation! I think I know how it sounds...but I want to make sure before I start blurting out the wrong name! Madeline as in "line," or Madeline as in "lynn?"

Debbie said...

Lovely name. I thought of a few names that sounded good with Madeline. Faith, and Giana (it's Italian for God is gracious).