Friday, February 8, 2008

Faith Like a Child!

Last night, while sitting at dinner, Bailey said she would like for us to spend some time praying for some people. So I asked her who she would like to pray for. She said there is a girl named Kristin at her school. Kristin has Celebral Palsy after difficulties at birth. She is in a wheelchair and has trouble speaking and other things. So, Bailey started to pray for her, and I was blown away by her prayer. She prayed the Krsitin could be brave at school, and prayed that the Lord would bless her. Then she said this: God I know you didn't do this to Kristin, the devil got in the way the day she was born, would you go back to that first day she was born and heal her.

I was amazed. This is why Jesus said have faith like a child. Bailey doesn't doubt God is good. She understands a concept that adults have trouble with. Because we live with disappointments and hurts, we sometimes don't fully believe that God is just only good. She understood that evil comes from the devil and good comes from God. I thought this was amazing.

Lord, help me to have faith like a child. To believe unswervingly that you are good alone. Help me to have a heart to pray Heaven for people. And also, would you go back to that first day the devil got in the way in Novemeber 2004. Heal Miles!!


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Bailey is so amazing! We should have our children lead life group once a month or so to help us grow in our faith. They are true warriors.

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