Tuesday, January 9, 2007

My Vision

I have been working on this vision for weeks now. I change, add and delete weekly, sometimes daily. If you haven't wrote down a vision for your life I encourage you to. So here is mine, so far.

My Purpose in this life is to live a life wholly devoted to God. To love, worship, and obey Him all the days of my life. To live set apart and holy for His glory. I am anointed to preach the good news and set free the captives. I will live this out as a wife, mother, sister, friend and princess of the King.
Spiritually – I will know God deeper and deeper everyday. I will meditate daily on the word of God and hide it in my heart. I will hear something new from God everyday. I will live a life full of the supernatural. I will teach and preach and write books and studies. I will live a spiritually disciplined life full of the power of the Holy Spirit and the fruits of the spirit, especially self-control.
Physically – I will be a thin eater. I will live an active and healthy lifestyle. I will be disciplined in all I do. I will be beautiful to my husband.
Personally – I will have a big wonderful home that is full of the Holy Spirit. I will have an open home that is always ready to receive visitors. I will decorate and furnish that home with my family and guests comfort in mind. I will keep and run this home with excellence.
Relationally – I will be the best wife for Billy. I will build him up and encourage him. I will anticipate his needs. I will support him in his business. I will satisfy every desire in him that I was created to satisfy. I will pray for his success and protection everyday. I will step up and work when he needs me to and I will step back and pray when he doesn’t.
I will be the best mother for my children. I will encourage, pray for and discipline my children. I will give them a safe place to have huge dreams. I will also give them a soft place to fall. I will nurture them and teach them how to be a godly, praying woman who loves the Lord first and foremost. I will be a true sister and friend. I will speak the truth in love. I will pray for and encourage my friends and family. I will be loyal and always point them to Jesus.
Financially – I will be a disciplined spender. I will work to help as long as I am needed. I will become financially literate. I will be a blessing. I will be generous on all occasions. I will have provision for every good work. The nations will look at me and call me BLESSED.


Ashlee said...

I've been meaning to write out a personal vision for YEARS (I'm not kidding)...I really should get on that. We have written a family one (years back) but it could probably use some revision. Thanks for reminding me of this.

Blessings as you work to fulfill your vision (thats always the tricky part)...you can do it!

High in Demand said...

To use your words, "COME ON!". That vision jacks me up! Every bit of it is true! Every single word of it!
I'm off to get mine out of my head onto paper...you can read mine soon.

ericaprosser said...

Can you write mine?

Francesca said...

Erica, I don't think it works like that. Sorry.

Tangerine Tinselbreeze said...

I love it. I wrote a mission statement several years ago- it was through the Franklin Covey website.
It is a skeleton of what you could write if you were Frantastic.....I definitely need a redo.

Francesca said...

Frantastic, huh? I think I like that!