Saturday, January 6, 2007

The words to say

The name of the enemy literally means to "cast between". He casts between husbands and wives. Between church bodies. Between the saved and lost. Between families. Between races. Between friends. I could go on and on. I experienced this, this week. We all know that we have continued and will continue to believe for and pray for Miles Wilson's full healing. I have found myself at times desiring to encourage Brandi and feeling totally inadequate. I always pray that Jesus will give me "the words to say" Which is the a very common prayer for me in all situations, thus the title to me blog. So I offered what I had to Brandi, feeling like it was very trite and useless considering the circumstances. Time went on days, then weeks and them months and I had not heard from Brandi again. The enemy began to tell me that I had offended her and she hated my guts and so on. As I began to entertain those thought I acted weirder and weirder around her and began to avoid here and eventually the enemy had been successful in casting between. Then Christmas comes and one of my favorite things is getting every one's Christmas cards. Starting in December my fridge is covered in Christmas pictures of my most beloved (expect Pam and Erica, but that is for another blog) But lo and behold no picture from the Wilson's but I did see their pic on every other fridge in the Big Country. So now I am sure there is a problem, and I am a little annoyed myself. So Thursday I decided enough was enough. I called Brandi and just asked her what was up. And do you know what was up. Nothing. Absolutely Nothing. She wasn't upset with me. She didn't hate my guts. She said I was encouraging when she needed me to be. And as it turns out she just wasn't sure if she had the right address. So let's dissect the plan of the enemy. His plan is always to kill, steal and destroy. So his plan of actions was, stir up my insecurities as an encourager, add some time of not hearing from Brandi which he fills my head with all the reasons why i am scum. Stir in some awkward conversations and top in all off with some miscommunication. And what do you get. A mess. The enemy wanted me to be mad that she was mad and let there truly be something between us. But, through one phone call all the enemies smoke and mirrors were put away. And we found out we still loved each other. How many relationships have been damaged because we allowed the enemy to have a foothold and instead of calling those things out we allow them to reside in our heart and cause us to become hard-hearted. So next time you find yourself thinking the worst and believing the lies of the enemy about a love one. I encourage you (and yes i am an okay encourager) speak the truth. Bring it to the light. You will find more and more opportunities to NOT let the enemy cast between. And FYI I now have those cute Wilson faces on my fridge.


ericaprosser said...

You are getting better and better at this! And because you are such a good friend, I think I should give you a photo of myself. hee hee hee

Pamelotta said...

I think after my latest post, I can find an extra one of me for you, too!

High in Demand said...

I'm so glad the enemy was exposed on this whole deal. The whole thing was so silly. I thank you that you take the time to encourage me when I need it. I also thank you that you're brave and you called me to fix things! (Even though there wasn't really anything to fix.) Instead of anything being cast between us I love you even more because of all of this!