Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Update -

So in response to my Any Takers post I have had some people asking what I was feeling called to do and if I was going to share. Maybe even a little annoyed with me for being so evasive. I just want you to know the reason I am not sharing is because I am not willing to create something. I am waiting for either a conformation or correction from God. I just can't miss it. So I am not being evasive, just cautious. So I am sharing and will continue to share my life and when I hear God's answer, well, you will know when I know.


Ashlee said...

No problem!!
I have some things I'm waiting for confirmation too! I pray you get what you need soon!


A-lauf said...

Aaron's rule #1. If I can't get something off my mind and my spirit. It's from God. If I wake up and it's there, If I sleep and it's there. Then I do it. If you wait for a sign you might just miss God's timing.

Kevin said...


I pray that you will have peace, understanding, and wisdom in this situation. I thought it was fun guessing and seeing others guesses. I honor your caution, when it comes to sharing in a blog.

Aaron response is also valid.