Tuesday, January 16, 2007

What's your position?

This last season for me and Billy was a really tough one. Financially we were struggling. Billy was working at a job he felt like he wasn't supposed to be at. We just felt like we couldn't catch a break. All around us everyone kept talking about there just being an open heaven. All there prayers were being answered so quickly. The favor of God was just pouring out on them. We felt like the window over us was closed and maybe locked too. Fast forward a while Billy is now sure what he is supposed to do. We are making goals, writing down our vision and moving towards them. We began to see the some blessings trickling in. Billy and I were at dinner one night and just discussing the turn our lives had taken and I commented on how I was so happy that our "closed" window was beginning to open. God spoke so clearly to me right there in Red Robin. He told me that He would never close a window over me. I was just in the wrong position. Blew me away. God's window over me wasn't closed. I was just standing in the wrong spot. How many times have we not been in position for blessing and favor and then shook our fist at God for the plight we are in. It wasn't our unchanging God. He always wants to bless. It was our position. I saw in the spirit realm that we were moving into position for prosperity. I believe in this season of acceleration we need to be in the right position. The picture I keep getting is a catapult. Get right in the center and away you go arms and legs flying (it's beautiful when we can let God be in control) straight to your destination. Get a little off center. Who knows where you will end up. So let's "center" ourselves for our blessing. Our destiny. Let's get under the spout where the glory's coming out.


Ashlee said...

Wow. This one made me think. There are a lot of theological ideas in there to sort out...in the end though the awesome thing is that God is speaking to you about the destiny of your family and you are moving into the place that God has told you! We are also feeling the need to get ourselves into the right posistion -- its an interesting journey.

A-lauf said...

What great insight. I agree. It is never God's fault that we don't walk in his promises. great post!