Sunday, February 11, 2007

Come Forth!

Today during church my spirit was so stirred during Bryan's sermon. I felt my hunger increase. As it got closer to ministry time I wanted to rush the pulpit. I wanted to be first (Bobby beat me, dern) in line to get what Bryan had to give. As I waited for Bryan to pray for me, the anticipation increased. I wondered what he would pray. Would he say a short prayer? Would he cast out a demon? Would he call the fire down? And would I fall on the floor and flop like he did? At this point I was ready for any of it. But do you know what he did? He called for the woman God created to, "Come Forth!". He prayed any ties or addictions holding me back, from being what God created me to be, to be broken. I imagine this is what Lazarus felt like when Jesus called him to, "Come Forth" from the grave. I am now removing my grave clothes and washing the stink off. The grave clothes of an identity that is not mine, because I have believed what others and the enemy have said about me. And the stink of allowing my flesh to rule. Flesh stinks. Especially four days dead. So the stone has been rolled away, and I like Lazarus thousands of years earlier, am COMING FORTH!!!