Thursday, March 29, 2007

Am I Crazy?

Billy and I have felt that our family is very complete. Or so I thought. There has been much talk of having another baby. I was so sure I was done. I guess about as sure as I was that that was our house. Anyway, I am struggling with the whole be fruitful and multiply thing and now my body is my own. But is my body ever really my own. I love our children, and without tooting my own horn we make pretty good ones. (with lots of help from GOD) There could still be some world changers in our loins. Am I crazy? I think I may be. Why can't I just trust God on this issue. Why can't I just get off the birth control and believe God knows best? Pray, please!


Pamelotta said...

I hear ya. Same thing going on inside of me. Don't know where it will lead. Would like to find something written on my bathroom mirror. I would do exactly what it said, I just need it to be there.

High in Demand said...

Wow. I didn't see this one coming.

I can honestly say that we knew we would have five kids...we had five more kids.

Without knowing that I would have stopped at four. I was happy and content with four, but I knew there was someone else that needed to be born. My fifth is a world changer for sure. He's also my most work.

So, why didn't we just have our five kids and then believe that we weren't going to have any more? Why did Randy get the V done? I don't know what to say except we felt good about it, and we still have peace about it.

Only the Lord is going to be able to answer your question about the Big 5. You will only have peace with that answer. Because I had that number so solid in my spirit I never was attacked with thoughts about going to far or not far enough.